Baroque chateau Trnávka

Baroque chateau from the 18th century standing on a rise near the road to Brušperk. It is a two-storey building with a roofed-over attic. There are partly preserved valuable interior furnishings in the chateau from the middle of the 19th century e.g. door panelling, tiled stoves etc. Josef Víktorin of Harasov on the place of a mediaeval fortress probably built the chateau with its present-day late baroque appearance dating from around 1780 in the 1820s. Together with the chateau there is preserved a seigniorial court called "Zámeček (Castellet)", that served for the accommodation of clerks of the one-time administrative farm. This building is also covered with an attic roof baroque style. Adjoining the chateau is a partly preserved landscaped park from the 19th century. The chateau pond presents a feature that possibly formed natural protection for the fortification of the former fortress. The chateau came into the possession of the village in 1947. These days it is the seat of the Municipal Office and the restored rooms of the chateau are used for social occasions.


Barokní zámek Trnávka
742 26 Trnávka
Czechia (CZ)



  • Northern latitude: 49° 41´ 0.30¨
  • Eastern longitude: 18° 10´ 59.00¨

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